Call Centre in Cape Town

Techno Surfaces is busy fitting a “pause” or rest area for staff at a call centre in Cape Town. We have used both Staron and Hi-Macs solid surfacing to create counters and a smoothie bar.

The coffee counter is in Staron Sanded Onyx.

The white counter (love the South African flag!) is in Staron Quasar White.

The smoothie bar is in Hi-Macs Florida Orange.

All in all a colourful site which is coming together beautifully.


Shopfitting: Oculus, Cape Town

Corian Glacier White shelves, reception counter and work tops for an optometrist in Cape Town. This is an existing client of ours who moved premises – and took their Corian shelves and counters with them. It required a bit of re-jigging and re-sizing, but that’s the beauty of Corian. You can re-use, re-furb and extend the life of your counters.



Staron Kitchen: Somerset West

Techno Surfaces has just completed a beautiful kitchen island and drinks bar for a new build in Somerset West. Counters are in Staron Sanded Linen.

The island in particular is a stunning feature in this large,  open plan home – and pairing it with minty green cabinets is a beautiful touch.





Sushi Counter

Techno Surfaces is currently installing a sushi counter at the brand new CTFM (Cape Town Fish Market) down at the V&A Waterfront.

Great site to be at – right next door the old clock tower. So awesome site, awesome client and happy team. We’ll post final pics over the next few weeks.

Counter is in Staron Bright White.




Prep & Vanity Bowls

We’ve been playing with our new machine. Techno Surfaces is now able to produce our own bowls – be they prep bowls, vanity basins, baby baths etc.

And we can do them in any colour you can imagine.

Here are pics of the first two bowls off the line (rough and ready pics because they still need to be trimmed and polished). The first is in Corian Linen and the second is in Corian Grape Green.




Corian Counters

Probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to Corian and kitchens, is how Corian handles heat. And while Corian can probably remain stable and undamaged with temps up 100′c it is never a good idea to put a pot directly from the stove onto any surface. Happily the solution is simple: Corian can be grooved to take steel bars (hot pot rods). Not only is it practical – but pretty good looking too!