Solid Surfacing provides an interesting – and exciting – alternative to stone countertops. Put simply, solid surface has the weight and presence of stone, but offers a number of other advantages:

  • A seamless finish, i.e. no visible joins
  • A hygienic work surface
  • Warm to the touch (Corian takes on the ambient room temperature, so is not cold to the touch)
  • Is easily thermo-formed, this means you can bend & shape your counters to suit any shape or design
  • Extensive colour palette
  • Durable & easy to repair (scratches & cracks are simply sanded out, and your counter is polished back to perfection)


Techno Surfaces is in love with Corian®. Although relatively new to South Africa, it has taken off in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. It is quite simply a designer’s dream.

Made from a blend of acrylic resin and natural minerals, you can thermo-form it to create the coolest curves and sleekest lines. The colour palette (in excess of 100 colours) allows you to experiment, to match or contrast, be classic or quirky – whatever the mood.

It is also non-porous, without visible seams, durable and easy to maintain. Corian® allows you to add draining curves for kitchen counters, or even routed curves for stainless steel rivets (“pot holders”) as a design feature. The possibilities seem endless. Visit for more.

Must be…DuPont™ Basic Surfaces

The versatile solid and non-solid aesthetics of DuPont™ Basic Surfaces are suitable for residential and commercial segments. Applications may vary, ranging from kitchen countertops to interior design accessories, and from receptions desks to interior wall cladding.

DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is produced by a continuous casting process, assuring elevated quality standards. It is supplied in 12 mm thick sheets with the following dimensions: 3658L x 760W.DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is: non-porous, hygienic, renewable and repairable. It may be fabricated with commonly used tools, and can be cut, routed, joined seamlessly, sanded and polished to create a wide variety of designs.

The new collection of DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is inspired by the beauty of nature: solid colours reflect the qualities of light, from Pure to Lucent; particled aesthetics encapsulate Bilberry and White Currant, reflecting the annual blossoming of springtime.


Staron® by LOTTE Advanced Materials is the new kid on the block. Comprised of a natural mineral derived from bauxite ore and naturally blended with pure acrylic resin, it offers a surface which is both beautiful and functional. It is non-porous, hygienic, seamless and has a colour palette of over 80 colours. It can also be moulded, cut, inlaid, routed and sandblasted. This means the design capabilities are endless – and the results stunning. For more information visit

Has to be … HI-MACS®

It feels like a solid surface revolution is underway in South Africa. The latest offering is HI-MACS® by LG Hausys. It’s strong, beautiful, easy to maintain and built to last a lifetime. With a higher resistance to stains, chemicals and heat it brings a certain solidity and trust to the table. In fact LG is so confident in both the design and material benefits of their product that they offer a 15 year warranty on HI-MACS®. We love the fact that they support a greener earth by using sustainable material, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and recycling. Add to this a stunning array of hues and colours and you simply can’t go wrong.

Perfect … Perago®

For those on a tight budget, Perago® is the perfect alternative. A competitively priced, 100% acrylic surface which has now joined the ranks of the bigger players. Seamless, hygienic and easily thermo-formed Perago can be used in shop-fitting, joinery and interior design. Hard-wearing and with a vast range of colours Perago® is definitely worth a look. Also available in a non-acrylic blend (non thermo-forming) which is perfect for flat counters and tops.

Whether you choose to spec Corian®, Staron®, DuPont™ Basic Surfaces, HI-MACS® or Perago® the design possibilities are infinite – give us a call on 021 534 0152 to discover more.



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